Sunday, April 13, 2008


My friend Raeanna was over last week with her son Jacob and I was changing Ashton's diaper while I was telling her a story. Now Ashton is pretty wiggly, especially when it comes to getting his diaper changed or getting dressed. I often struggle getting his little legs through his pants because he moves so much. Well, I finally succeeded, but when I picked him up, I noticed something wasn't quite right. This is what I found.... Look closely.

Poor guy didn't even complain once while I was shoving both his legs into one hole. He just sat there and smiled at me.

He even started crawling while still in his "gimpy" leg situation. He didn't get very far, just kept scooting around like an inch worm.

This was just one of many "mental brain-farts" I've experienced since becoming a mom. I don't admit to most of them, but some are just too funny to keep to myself. Like the time I went to the park with Raeanna and Jacob and came home to find both the front & screen door wide open. Nope, there was no burgular. We just put the kids and all of our stuff in the car and I never went back and locked up. Don't tell Chuck. haha

Can't wait for Summer

Ashton's not really into the sand and surf yet (sorry Uncle Tim & Uncle Tyler), but he's definitely getting into all of the other sports/outdoor activities we've exposed him too so far.

I don't think he's used to texture of the sand on his hands yet. He would only put one hand down at a time. haha

Still not feelin' it. It was kinda cold that day though. Oh well, we gave it a shot.

He DID in fact enjoy watching the hockey game we went to though. We went to an ice rink in Pasadena to watch my friend Cathy's boyfriend play. GO CHRIS!!
Cathy and Ashton. So cute. =)

He's into anything on wheels, or that makes noise.

And definitely into his baseball toy.
He even fell asleep with his bat. I swear I didn't put it there. He was holding onto it when I put him in the swing and wouldn't let go.

Grandpa Fraley teaching him how to drive the boat.
We can't wait for our summer boating/water skiing trips!