Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful holiday season this year. So wonderful in fact, that I am just TOO tired to write a detailed description about it. =) Sorry, I'm pooped... But I want to get these pictures and videos posted for all of you to see. We hope everyone's holiday season was as great as ours was. =)

p.s. The pictures are out of date order, but you get the idea, right.

Ashton's pre-Christmas trip to Hooters with his best girl friend Kendall.
(and the Hooters girl)

Sneaking some chips and guacamole at Auntie Jeanette & Grandma Briggs' house.
Opening presents Christmas morning.

Looking groggy, and tired, Christmas morning. =)

Building a tower with his jumbo legos!

Sharing some ice-cream with ME!

The three Fraley brothers.

Ashton and Grandpa Fraley

Ashton and Grandpa Briggs

Excited about my new cookware from Dad and Dana. =) Thanks!

The only logical place I could store the presents without him touching them!

Our Family. Christmas 2008

Spoiled! haha

Friday, January 2, 2009

The things he comes up with on his own

I don't recall ever teaching Ashton to spin around in a circle until he's gets dizzy and falls over. So where do kids learn this stuff? Who knows. But it's still funny to watch. =)