Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall Festivities

In the beginning of September we drove up to Oak Glen to go apple picking. But the orchard that we stopped at only sold apples, you couldn't pick them yourself. Weird, I know. So we decided to pick raspberries instead, because that is what they had available to pick. We had a great time, but we will never pick raspberries again!! It took WAY too long, in the hot sun, to try and fill three little baskets with raspberries. And when we got home, I had no clue what to do with them. I didn't want to just make a smoothie, I wanted to bake something like I planned on doing, had we been able to pick apples. They are still in my freezer to this day. We will stick to apples and pumpkins from now on. Here are some pictures from our raspberry adventures.

We're here!

At least we got to taste their apple pie.

Candid shot of Daddy and Ashton looking off into... space I guess.

More please!

Time to pick some berries.

Oooh, this one looks good.

Are we done yet?

If you ever go raspberry picking, don't put your kids in any clothes that you actually like. Raspberry stains don't come out very well. That stain is still on his butt.

In addition to raspberries, we have visited the pumpkin patch THREE times this season! We went to Riley's Farms in Oak Glen twice. Once with Chuck's parents and the second time with our friends the Deguzman family. Then we visited the local pumpkin patch that is situated out in the wineries here in Temecula with our friend Jaime and her two kids, Alexis and Elijah. I think the pumpkin patch outings are more for the parents. We all just want to take a ton of pictures with our kids surrounded by pumpkins and all of the other fall decorations, but Ashton loves being outside so he never protests. =)

Here we are at Riley's. We like going there because it is a true farm and everything you pick is right off of the vine.

The token "kid surrounded by pumpkins" picture.

He LOVES corn on the cob, as we discovered on this day.


At the local pumpkin farm.

On the train with Lexi and Elijah

Right before sunset.

In the corn maze with Daddy.

Fraleys in the maze

We found our way out!! YAY! (took us about 15 minutes. the kids were starting to get worried. haha)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's time for Sooooooul Traaaain

We can't turn on anything musical in our house without THIS happening. We love it!