Saturday, February 21, 2009

This is why God invented children

...To pick up my slack.

I know child labor is illegal. But, since I dropped MY camera while chasing after naked Ashton, I think it's only fair that HE earns Mommy a new one. So... I will be hiring him out for housework. Contact me on here for any jobs that you need done.

He charges 8 cookies an hour. Or half of a bag of Mission Tortilla chips. And don't forget the dip. Actually, he just needs 1 chip and a whole bunch of dip. He likes to lick the dip off and quadruple dip it back in anyway, so he really only needs one chip.

What's wrong with a little nudity?

Okay, so I've had this post under my blog drafts for over a month now. I guess I wasn't quite sure what kind of captions to write about posting pictures of my son's naked boo-tay. (It's not illegal is it?!? For reals, if it is, let me know and I'll take it down. =)

Anyway, back in January Ashton and I took a day trip to San Diego to visit my lovely friend Karishma and her family. We took a walk along the beach so the kids could run around and burn up some energy. Of course you never plan on going into the water, but somehow it always happens. So, since I wasn't "water play" prepared, I stripped him down so I would still have dry clothes to put him back into after he was finished.

I could not get this darn kid out of the ocean. The water was COLD!! I could barely keep my feet in. I know that we get to enjoy beach weather year round here in California, but it was still JANUARY! He was kicking and screaming every time I tried to say, "All done Ashton, let's go bye bye." I would carry him all the way back to the dry sand, set him down, and immediately he'd take off running back towards the freezing cold water. This happened over and over....and over again.

Needless to say, next time I will be "water play" prepared.

Oh yeah... he's also apparently an exhibitionist. Right after getting out of the bath he spotted his new toy. So he runs across the room and hops on his ATV....naked. So, if you come to our house, remind me to sanitize this thing if your kid wants to ride on it.

p.s. On the lovely naked beach day described above, while chasing after Ashton, I dropped my camera in the ocean. =( I saved the memory card so I didn't lose any pictures, but the camera didn't make it. It has since gone on to technology heaven. So, until it is replaced.... my son will be growing up without us capturing his memories. (Insert whiny violin music here. ) =(