Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful holiday season this year. So wonderful in fact, that I am just TOO tired to write a detailed description about it. =) Sorry, I'm pooped... But I want to get these pictures and videos posted for all of you to see. We hope everyone's holiday season was as great as ours was. =)

p.s. The pictures are out of date order, but you get the idea, right.

Ashton's pre-Christmas trip to Hooters with his best girl friend Kendall.
(and the Hooters girl)

Sneaking some chips and guacamole at Auntie Jeanette & Grandma Briggs' house.
Opening presents Christmas morning.

Looking groggy, and tired, Christmas morning. =)

Building a tower with his jumbo legos!

Sharing some ice-cream with ME!

The three Fraley brothers.

Ashton and Grandpa Fraley

Ashton and Grandpa Briggs

Excited about my new cookware from Dad and Dana. =) Thanks!

The only logical place I could store the presents without him touching them!

Our Family. Christmas 2008

Spoiled! haha


Andrea said...

Cute! Cute! That is the perfect video of him driving his new jeep. We miss you guys!

Emily Petty said...

Cool jeep! and great storage for your presents - I had to laugh at that one!

Scottandgirls said...

So cute! Laura, I was dying laughing at the giant cage full of presents. You are stinking hilarious!!!! I love you...

Jenny said...

IS Hooter's your holiday tradition? Ahh...memories:)