Monday, December 22, 2008

Why would I bother...

Why would I ever bother to clean and re-organize when I have Ashton to do it for me?

"How many times do I have to tell you mom, these do NOT go here!"

P.S. "Daddy, I don't want your darn pickle!"


Days like These! said...

NOW that was too funny!

Here Ashton wanna try this pickle? LOL

I LOVED his organization tips for the cabinet.

The toilet paper situation? OOps! forgot to mention that around this age is where you squeeze the roll to keep the babies from pulling the tissue off the roll.

Gotta LOVE that kid. :)

Rebecca Cluff said...

I totally understand. There are some days that I feel like I am not really making progress, i.e., I hang clothes up while Genna pulls my shoes out. I load the dishwasher while she pulls our plastic containers out. I blog while she emplties the diaper bag, throws her toys all over the house and then goes for the recycle pile. I don't think Reid understands how I can be busy all day, and yet things look like a mess. :)

Christine said...

string cheese rocks! good choice ash!

Anonymous said...

hahaha i love that tupperware video! he cleans like i do.

Emily Petty said...

so funny - the tupperware video is awesome - what a cute little guy! He should be on those reorganization shows where the people whine about you taking their junk to help them organize. I have to agree with Rebecca - I am busy all day, and yet the house is still a mess when Frank comes home - love the never-ending cycle!